Election Tally

Handylearn Counter enables you to tally the ballots of an election quickly and send the results to a server for aggregation.

For elections with many polling places, we can customize the software with names of candidates or political parties. So all your polling watchers can tally the ballots without distraction.

Usage during ballot tally

1. Start

Start the software from the phone menĂ¼.

2. Identify yourself

Enter the phone number and a nick name.

3. Create new ballot box

Select "Boxes in the main menu. Select "New". Enter the number of the box

4. Count

Press the keys "1", "2", "3" ... for each ballot. You see the name of the canidates on the display.

You can undo the last key press with a press on "#"

5. Upload

Use a softkey for the menu. Select "Share". Select then "Upload". The phone ask you if it is ok to use network connection. Answer yes.

6. Next Box

Use "Back" to go back to the list of boxes. Create a new box as in Step 3.

7. Don't Panic

The results are saved automatic. So you can always close the software.