Counter Examples

Handylearn counter has a special feature: You can publish your results from the phone on our website. More than 500 censuses have been uploaded. Time to present some interesting usages. We hope this list inspires you to use your mobile phone to count something interesting.

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photo of silk ties

Appearance and dress

How common is the tie for visitors of the CeBIT fair, the biggest computer fair in the world? What is the gender balance at all?

photo from a concert


Numbers of visitors at a music concert:

Number of visitors at the presentaion of the google vize Nelson M. Mattos in Hamburg:


Flora & Fauna

What colour are my rodents?

Rat colors

Environmental monitoring: Counting of bats in the cave opening, or breeding birds in the wadden sea.

Work Organization

Inventory of microphones and equipment at a sound system:

An employee of an insurance office counts the kind of processes:

photo of phones in a shop

Market Investigation

Which mobile phone brands are actually on the shelves? Since shop owners put only best selling items at shelves, this is an indicator of the market share:

If you want to know how attractive a shopping street is for a business location, count the frequency of pedestrians in front of the shop. You can find a report about it in this Spanish blog: /

Mrs. Hüllbrock presents the Faktenpauker at the Learntec fair


Survey about the new exhibition hall of the Learntec fair:

Popularity of nations:


Boys and girls in a youth hostel:

Average grade of a math class work:


Lap counter in athletics. Ball possession of the individual players in soccer. The possibilities are endless.

Inside an underground train

Traffic Census

Passenger numbers (probably public transport in Canada)