The physics lab to take with you

Don't be afraid if you don't understand what this is all about. It is about the mathematical simulation of a physical concept. But you can have fun without deep physical knowledge. We provided several color schemes and a real-time control with the digit keys of your mobile phone. And physics is also about having fun with experiments.

Control the wavelength.

Choose a color scheme.

Show the interference.

Free Download for Android

Link to the app Wavelabor in the Android store from google.

Classic mobile phones

The Wavelabor works also on Java-enabled mobile phones. And it has a special keyboard support.

Direct Manipulation

You can control the parameters directly on the simulation screen with the digit keys.

A map with the description of the keys to control the parameters of the wavelab


During the beta test, you get the software free of charge.

System requirements: color screen with at least 128 * 128 pixels. Java MidP2. The mobile phone needs a powerful processor to let the software run smoothly.


Installation with the help of a PC:

Download the following file:



Installation direct to the mobile phone:

Open the following URL in the wap-browser of your mobile phone:

Choose beta software, and the wavelabor.

Your mobile phone provider may charge you for downloading, the download size is about 35kb.

Attention: this software has not product quality yet. It may work only badly or not at all on your phone.